My Story

On a very cold morning in November 2015 I was visiting my mom in Marks, MS. I decided to go to the local McDonalds for coffee. On my way there I saw five little kids on the bus stop with no coats on in the freezing weather. I approached them to ask where their coats were. One replied "we don't have nunn​". I had inquired if they did not have coats or if they simply did not like the coats their parents gave them. Again the speaker of the group said "naw lady we don't have nunn​". With tears in my eyes, trying to fight them back, I invited them into the warm car. Shortly followed by a stern lecture about not getting into cars with strangers. ​We are an organization here to help the community through unforseen circumstances.

My Vision

That day left me in tears crying, and that is how I knew something had to be done. I also realized that these kids are not the only ones out there without coats. That is why I am doing something about it! I have created this non-profit organization, MScoats4kidz.org​
I need your help to help these kids in Mississippi. This is the poorest state in the country, but we cannot forget that it is still part of this wonderful country. So I ask you please HELP ME HELP THEM.

The place where Mississippi residences will know we are for the people. Mississippi Coats 4 Kidz will help in whatever capacity needed. 

My Mission

Our mission is to ensure that children in our communities are wearing a new winter coat. Doing this for our children will help keep them healthy, able to attend school regularly and achieve higher self- esteem. This is why Mississippi Coat 4 Kidz exists today with a goal of serving at-risk children throughout Mississippi.

Learn to love without condition.
Talk without bad intention.
Give without reason.
And most of all care for people without any expectation.